Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adriel's Woman of the Week

Dont look at me like that Serena.


Banned Family Guy Clips

They really b goin on The Simpsons lol

Pharrell spazzing.

"I Swear to God. If you dont move. Get out the Fuckin way."

Young Jeezy -Don't Do it

...I have never seen so many music videos for one album..he drops one like every 2 weeks ago damn..calm it down a lil bit.
-Dont Do It
-Black President
-Put On
-Welcome Back
-Who Dat
-Crazy World

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ginuwine -Last Chance

Wow..I was drinking milk and I turned the back of the carton around and Ginuwine's face was on it. Good to see he wants to come back while Chris Brown is still in hiding. Even if he is able to file for Senior Citizenship...

If you wanna download the song..


Que's bitch fit on MTB ...Niggas having nervous breakdowns even though they getting paid millions to sing on 13 tracks and make videos..what a hard life ..(da fuck outta here.)

OJ Da Juice-Juice World Mixtape (Shout out to super-producer Larrytoven))

OJ Da Juiceman - - Juiceworld Pictures, Images and Photos
1. Intro 0:16
2. They Call Me 2:49
3. A Brick N A Half (Feat. Cold Blooded) 3:46
4. Getting Money 3:53
5. 5 N Da Morning (Feat. Buck J) 3:50
6. Frisbees (Feat. Gucci Mane) 2:53
7. Vet Pass By 1:14
8. Whippin' Babies 2:50
9. Dopeman 4:02
10. DJ Ace Talks 0:17
11. Old Schools 3:30
12. Skit 0:28
13. Eastside Ride (Feat. Woo Da Kid And Courtney Money) 2:42
14. Mego 3:48
15. Benz Or Chevy (Feat. Chico, Hitman And Courtney 3:41
16. DJ Ace Talks 0:26
17. Hustler Ambition (Feat. Chico) 2:44
18. 80 3:14
19. Money Walk (Feat. Courtney Money And Woo Da Kid) 4:05
20. DJ Ace Talks 0:31
21. Swag 3:26
22. Birdz N Da Drought (Feat. One Dolla Bojo JG) 3:35
23. George Bush (Feat. Trap And Chico) 3:28
24. Oh Fo Show 3:52
25. Get Yo Ride (Feat. Mr. Trixx) 4:01
26. So Many 2:45
27. Outro 0:40


I think I heard this song about a year ago on one of Gucci's mixtapes...I think it was Mr.Perfect or one of those...anyways...they finally dropped the video..looks like it might b on mtv jams for a min..Nikki Minaj,Zaytoven,Shawty Lo and Big Boi are some of the cameos.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Excessive Ping Pong Celebration.

Anyone who really knows me ..knows Ping Pong is my shit. I will spank anybody who wants it(Pause)...anyways heres a video of a guy dancing after scoring a point ..shit had me geeking for a min.

The Best Prank in UMD History.

Is this really going 2 happen in the future??

Shits kinda creepy when you think about whats going on ..(Shout out to Brendan Brown)

Get that out of here Kobe.

I dont like the Lakers and I dont like Kobe Bryant lets watch some greatness.

Twerk Team

I dont really have to say anything about this ..yal already know..I call dibbs on white pants though.

Twerk Team-Jiggle'n

Thursday, March 26, 2009

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Picture of the Week)

Its a Recession Im not on my kick game like I should be cuz Im paying for skool and all that and my friend wants to walk into class wit sum fuckin Jedi Sb Dunks on ...yea the same dunks I looked all summer for ..the same ones that are 400 on ebay....I almost had a nervous breakdown....and now that I just made this post..I think Im goin to cry myself to sleep.

U other ni99as r toilet paper now wipe Empyre Ent down!

Shout out to Empyre Ent ova in Norfolk and Greensboro..yea 2 different offices so u other fake ass entertainment companies can't eat yea another thing..if ur wack as shit and u kno u r ..and ur sneaker game is still air force ones and Nike shox..hit em up cuz they got the shoes and prices to get ur sneaker game on point like it should be.




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rockin That Thang Remix Download

Luda Rick Ross Juelz Santana and Fabolous jump on the remix and rip it ..sum highlights are ...

Fabolous: “Can I call you Nana ’cause you got that rockin’ chair?”

Juelz Santana: “Treat you like the first lady, I’ll put my Barack in ya!”

Ludacris: “I’m ready to take the Milky Way to your Hershey’s Kiss.”

The Dream Pictures, Images and Photos

More Gifs!!

Chuck Norris gif 2 Pictures, Images and Photos


maury Pictures, Images and Photos

A MILLA Pictures, Images and Photos


obama bball Pictures, Images and Photos



Kiss Boxing Pictures, Images and Photos

finish him Pictures, Images and Photos

PWN. Pictures, Images and Photos

Owned Pictures, Images and Photos

Fail Pictures, Images and Photos

Snowboard FAIL Pictures, Images and Photos


"Are you a prostitute ..Are You a Freak??" lmao

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 Deep Spring

oooooohhh boiii...I already know Ima cop something from 10 deep..go to Commonwealth and get a ....nah I aint even gon tell u

10DEEP Spring '09 "Nineteen Ninety Now" from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

but umm da 10 deep link is on the side if u wanna go and buy sumthin..tryna b like me

Classic Def Comedy Jam

Martin.Chris Tucker.Bernie Mac (RiP)

Shit was too ill back in the day..alot of comedians out now their shine first on the show.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Mondays

One of my old favorites..FRIDAY
friday Pictures, Images and Photos

Sum Go-Go Downloads..

If your still listening to Overnight Scenario and Sexy Lady..THAT SHIT DOES NOT GO ANY MORE MOE>>DAMMMMNN>>>COP SUM NEW SHYT.


TCB-Blame It

TCB-Bust It Wide Open

New Impressions -Fuck Every Girl

New Impressions-Rockin that Thang

3DB-Beep Beep REmix

Reaction Band-Booty So Phat

AAO-Make It Clap

TCB-09 Bounce Beat/Apple Bottom Ass

New Visionz-Get Down on the Ground (Slow Bounce)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everybody wants to talk bout Arab Money but..

Im just going to be honest..I dont give a fuck bout arab money .african money..or asian money..Im tryna get that "Mayweather money"..O YEA "COPYRIGHT" dont b tryna use that phrase like its cool or sumthin..use "ballin" or "splashin" or some shit like that.

Mayweather throwing money in the crowd...about 30 G's

Mayweather counting 1 million dollars...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (No Download..jus sit back and watch)

Benjamin Button Pictures, Images and Photos

Really enjoyed this movie ..cant even fake. Different then most other movies that have been coming out ..u kno guy has to save the world from obliteration..guy is mall cop and does funny things to make the audience panther 5..u kno all that type of ish..Neways is u dont kno..its about Benjamin (Brad Pitt) having a weird condition where instead of going from young to old he goes from old to young..interesting stuff

Wale ...

Wale Pictures, Images and Photos

So ...April 29 is when the LRG mixtape "Back to the Feature" drops from Wale produced by 9th Wonder.The features are going to be Joe Budden, Currensy, Joell Ortiz, Tre frm UCB, Drake, Bun B, J Cole, Talib Kweli, Royce the 5′9″, XO, Kenn Starr and many others. Should be a pretty nice mixtape..cant wait for the drop. Heres another exclusive track called "Word Play" ft Curren$y & Tre from UCB.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yea we upset ppl..and??

Next is Memphis. Shout out to Phil Ade with the nice Maryland anthem thats gon get my hype for the next game..check him out

Terps Pictures, Images and Photos

Phil Ade - Terps Fitted.mp3 -

Kanye tryna cop a feel on my Gf.

He needs to chill out ...I dunno if this is cuz I said that I would mess wit Amber Rose..but he needs to calm his happy ass down and stop touching one of my

Charles Hamilton -Loser

And i thought Lloyd Banks had a lazy flow...boy was I wrong. Anyways this is Loser off of The Pink Lavalamp Mixtape..its a ok mixtape to download..My personal fav's are "Let me Live" and "Brighter Days".

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amber Rose Freaky Ass..

Amber Rose talks about how she gets it in...she used to be a stripper so u kno she aint talking ur parents bedroom
Kanye West & Mobel Amber Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

New Gucci???

Writing on the wall....u kno the mixtape is coming soon..
gucci mane Pictures, Images and Photos

Reporter gets gully..

I guess Im like this reporter..ppl say I talk like Im "white"..but..piss me off ..and ill switch in 2 a "nigga" in 3 seconds..

Family Guy -The Juice Is Loose

Episode from this past Sunday..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some of my fav Gifs...


obama fresh prince Pictures, Images and Photos

Pimp Slap Pictures, Images and Photos
You wanna dance? Zach does! Go Go Power Rangers! Pictures, Images and Photos

What does Adriel's Local News Look Like? seems every other local news channel's always say or do something random that gets attention from the rest of the country..wheter it be news anchors cursing and getting gully or them laughing at the people they are reporting.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gucci's Free!!!!!!!!!!

...words cant explain how i felt when I found out Gucci came out of jail..its been a hard 6 months..tryna listen 2 all these fake Gucci tracks ..and 2 min snippets of songs he never finished hes back..lets get to the money..Bling Blow WOWW...BRRR..and all the other adlibs he says..heres video of his welcome back party.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mrs. Butterworth


Dawn & Q talk bout sex life..WHOA.

Dawn dosen't deny shes a squirter :o
...and Q wants her to pee in his face..WTF son..lot of stuff going on in this one ...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Christina Millian U Have Been Replaced

I guess Christina thought I would wait around while she went into her own little world while coloring her hair and lookin like the wicked witch of the west.NAAAHHH it dosen't go down like that..Ur ass has officially been Teairra Marie. Yea in High School ..I didn't understand when she would ask me questions like .."Do I have to show a nigga Im a woman?" ...Im like yeaaaaaaaahhh...but then she stayed fakin on me cuz she's was signed to the ROC and felt like wanted to act all upitty.Anyways shes older now ..and shes not tryna act stuck up to me since she aint signed to them niggas nemore .. Soo this is to a new year with new rnb girls who kno how to treat their nigga =)

Kid Cudi-SuperBoo Music Video

I've been tryna put ppl on to Kid Cudi for a min..if u dont have the mixtape A Kid named Cudi it and download it ..also hit the site to download songs like this..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Watchmen Movie

watchmen Pictures, Images and Photos
This is the longest movie ever..this isnt da download link..its da links 2 jus watch the movie ..enjoy.. 1) (part 2)

Rihanna & Chris Spoofs

The Rihanna situation..has opened the door for everyone to make spoofs to make fun of what are some of the funniest ones I have seen.
Rihanna gets Revenge

Chris Brown vs Rihanna Street Fighter

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chris Brown.He dun F&#$&d da game up.

I really didn't feel like I should speak on da situation..but ..fuck it.He's a bitch..any nigga that hits a girl is a BITCH.With that being said...heres a video of Chris Brown saying ..He would never hit Rihanna..and if it ever came to fightin he would walk

Oprah's take on it (u kno she gottttta say sumthin)

Dear John Witherspoon: Hoochies

Dear John Witherspoon: New York

Comedian John Witherspoon roasts Flava Flav & New York...lmao

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Office: Blood Drive

Funniest show on tv.

Now thats Good SHIT!!

Finally Jerry Jones does the right thing

My Triple Threat.

The Wifey-Lauren London
Lauren London Pictures, Images and Photos

The Girlfriend-Keri Hilson
keri hilson Pictures, Images and Photos

and last but not least...The Lil Freak Joint lol-Megan Good
 myspace image hosting

Christina Millian


I dont understand what happened.A couple years ago she was the RnB chick that could get the D from me ..since Ashanti had nasty sideburns...Beyonce seemed stuck up...and Olivia looked like a man.I am devastated that she would do this shit to herself..and I hope that this is just a fake Christina and the real one is kidnapped in a trunk ..trying to get free..She looks like a total joke.

Jay-Z live at Glastonbury Movie Download

jay-z Pictures, Images and Photos

Role Models Movie Download

Role models Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Woman calls 911 over Mcdonalds McNuggets.

..smh at her being black...we were doing so well with the Obama thing and then...