Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sad..sad..look at whats goin on wit lil kids

im confused by dis video..like y do all these lil kids have so much time on their hands shes 3 yrs old and probably can get a job at da local strip club already smh...when I was little and bored my grandma would give me a book 2 read,vacuum da same area over again,wipe down tables that were never used,or if I was lucky I could watch "Shop till u drop" with her lol.

Got Money music video (lil wayne & t-pain)

y is T-Pain so animated?? probably bcuz he cant really sing so he makes it up by wearing top hats and dancing for no apparent reason lol

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fuck Bill O'Reilly

I vote OBAMA!

well i would if i could..im a us resident..sooo..cant exactly..do that lol

well heres a pic..i thought was interesting..use it as a wallpaper for ur computer or w.e da hell u wanna do..





Thursday, July 24, 2008

Best album of 08


Devin the dude...underground GOAT

i'm just gonna get some head for a minute or two... 
she came through the door, put her shoes on the floor and... 
on that big brass bed i throwed her, bitch never saw such a dick that i showed her. 
i put her over then i told her to control her voice, she had no problem bitch had a pussy hole of a horse. 
i opened it up, i stuck my dick in, she caught her wind and said "huh aaah", looked at me and said "D, do you love me not?" 
i said "biiitch, what are you smoking, your pussy ain't no better than the rest" and kept stroking. 
she started crying, but still she kept her legs open, steady wishing and hopin' that she could be mrs coplin, bitch your crazier than you look, go wipe that cum out your nose, cause you're nothing but 40 hundred croff snatchin hoe who... 
tried to sell me some pussy, but no, you ain't gonna sell no pussy to me x2 

she said she love me, i'm the only nigga that can make her left thigh shake, 
she want that money, that ice that she strife, let me get that cake.... 

The Ghetto Puppets-My mind is playing tricks on me

one of my fav songs ...scarface..da OG King of the South..performed by da niggas i used 2 bang wit when i was young..what more can u ask 4?? lls

in ur face racism

"Racism still alive..they jus b concealing it"-Kanye West

well..dis kinda proves dat nigga wrong..racism still alive alright..but dat shit is right in ur fuckin face.

Bert and Ernie get der gangster on

dis is a old fb note i wrote like 2 months ago..

soo a cpl days ago i hit up my ex-grl and for da first time in a long time we really jus talked on sum chill shit ..she told me dat she shes talking 2 her ex again and now they r really good friends..and im like how can u talk 2 a nigga u told me u hate..a nigga who took ur virginity and smashed ur cuzin at da same time..a nigga who got u pregnant and when u lost da baby pretty much said fuck u and moved on...she said "o we r both older now and thats in da past"...like it was sum reg shit..i was like wtf ok go head she kept talkin ...tellin me dat she saw him at her church conference in VA 2 wks ago and they fucked ..i was like y u fuckin a nigga who jus got married and has a baby wit his wife..shes like im not tryna get in da middle of his marriage im like...u def jus did when u fucked him..and disrespected his marriage..shes like dats nuthin i fucked him last yr when he wasnt married and didnt have a kid..i thought for a min and said 2 myself..WE WENT OUT FOR a YR soo...U CHEATED ON ME???

she said yea..said she was bitter over da fact that i cheated on her a cpl months b4..i cheated on her and it was krazi cuz im really not a cheater..i would talk 2 my friends and they would tell me oo da nigga cheated on me and i would b like yoo drop dat nigga he aint feeling u if he did dat ..and then i went and cheated ..being a total hypocrite of everything i believe in...i honestly thought we were ova it ..but of course a women neva forgets nething...so months after we broke up she tells me she cheated on me 2..i went off on sum real shit...like out of all da niggas u cheat on me wit ..u cheat on me wit dat nigga?!!! like wtf ..i pretty much looked at her as wifey..yungin i would def marry in a cpl yrs ..and i cant look at her da same bcuz i look at it like this..if dis nigga does her wrong ..beats her cheeks..she tells me she hates him and i try and pick up da pieces of a shattered relationship..she cheats on me wit him..and even after our relationship still fucks him..then marrying u would b pointless cuz dat nigga can get what i call mines netime he wants...

i look at it like im a rebound nigga..i told her dat..asked her was it worth it ...she said yea..said that shes sorry i found out like dat but now i feel her pain? who da fuck says shit like dat...newayz..i told her i kno all of that wasnt revenge..cuz theres so many ways u could have got revenge and u did it wit dat nigga..u pretty much fucked dat nigga cuz u still had feelings for him..and u dont care bout nebody else bout urself..if u really loved me ..u wouldnt even try dat revenge shit..u would try and help me ..love me for me ..and work harder wit our relationship..(of course she got all quiet) then she started talkin 2 me like i was a child dat she disciplined and explaining y she did what she had 2..told me if i dont talk 2 her again she will understand and i should use this as a stepping stone and 2 not act funny 2 any otha grl im in a relationship cuz of what she did...i was like yung i aint tryna hear ur bullshit right now ..real talk i fucked up but im a good ass nigga and me and u kno it..ur in a fucked up cycle dat not even I can get u out of ..so i hope u got what u wanted and i signed out on her ass(yea..we were talkin on aim for like half of it lol)

anotha one of my ex's i went out wit ..we went out for a while on sum chill shit ..and she aint wanna have sex wit me bcuz of shit her boifriend did which is all types of fucked up...and so sex was jus a no-go ..so i respected dat and we jus worked on our relationship until it wasnt working out bcuz of da long distance..she hit me up 2 months later and told me she was pregnant wit another niggas baby ...im like wtf..u aint even go out wit dat nigga??..i was angry..but i was still there for her cuz im a caring ass nigga and if i fuck wit u ..then im a alwayz b there for u regardless of what happened between us in da past....but she eventually lost da baby and as much as i tried 2 b there i couldnt cuz i jus felt like everything she told me in our relationship was bullshit...

bcuz of these experiences ...my whole perception of women have changed..i honestly dont give a fuck bout feelings nemore.i cant....i think love is a 4 letter word made up by somebody dat has changed da whole world and binds ppl 2 relationships bcuz they use it 2 loosely..and until some grl comes along and proves me wrong..then im jus gonna act like a 20 yr old nigga dat dosent see marriage in his future for a long time..go out party and bullshit ..meet new ppl..and jus chill..cuz i honestly dont believe in love right now ..i understand where u coming from bakari when u say good guys finish last bcuz both of my x's went out wit fucked up niggas who mentally or physically abused them..cheated on them more then once..and they knew bout it and kept it moving..having longer relationships with the fucked up niggas then me ..(a good nigga)...when i was in college alot of my niggas was like u aint getting pussy over here u a wack nigga and would try and go on me bout it ...and im a chill nigga.. if im in a relationship i dont have 2 run around beating different pussies in college 2 make myself feel good...but now i really dont kno how 2 act cuz when i was acting like a real nigga and not chasing pussy when i was in relationships ..i still got shitted on...so i jus dunno what 2 do nemore..i guess im jus really confused