Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So every Tuesday and Thursday I have a math class..and for the past 2 weeks I have went on amazon.com tryna get my books on the low. I have ordered the wrong math book 2 weeks in a row and I figured that out for the 2nd time last night when I was tryna do my homework ...yea I was pretty pissed .. Punch Pictures, Images and Photos

I ordered it from the site that I usually rent my school books from chegg.com then kept it moving ...move on 2 2day I go to class...without my hwk..fail my quiz right quick and come home. Quizzes are only 10% ..thats why it wasn't a biggie to me..and I can take it over. So i hop on my 3rd bus back home ..and its a "mentally challenged" dude who lives across from me sitting besides me. He didn't use any deodorant clearly because the back of the bus smelled like fuckin onions or something. So Im talking to my nigga Larry Mickie on da phone and shit..and the bus driver apparently misses some ladies stop. She shouts at him like "yo u missed my stop" but he can't hear her. This mentally challenged nigga..pulls a fuckin whistle out and blows it like a referee in my ear. Im like wtf is this nigga Crazy Guy Gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Then I realized he was....


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