Friday, April 9, 2010

So.. I guess Im Back ?

Ive Been Kind of Busy with Work, School, and Applications. To be Honest ... most of the music coming out is hot garbage so I dont even want to put it up for download, because I dont want yal thinking I actually listen to it!

Anyways .. I guess Im going to put up some slight shit today .

Oh. I got a new twitter name . its @CosmoG_Spacely ... and if your asking yourself who that is .. the picture up top should help you figure it out.

Sidenote. I dont give a flying Fu*K about if the music I post up is 1 hr. 1 day. 1 week. 10 years late. It is what it is. STOP FUCKIN COMPLAINING. I dont get paid for this shit. I just put up wtf I want, when the Fuck I want too. Deal with it and Shut the Fuck up. Thank You.

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