Sunday, April 26, 2009

I feel like dying.

With all the talk about Swine Flu..(which I think is something that the government has control over..but thats another subject)I have been hit with some shit that should be on the news..this weekend I woke up..and this is how i felt.
-Like someone broke a steel chair on my back on some wrestling shit
-My head felt like somebody hit it with a H2 Hummer
-I had sneezing fits like someone who sniffed coke.
-Its also like 80 sumthin when I get too hot ..I put the fan on..and I go into more sneezing and coughing fits.
-If i take the fan off..It feels like im goin to have a heat stroke...I live on the top floor ..heat yea.
-Water..Oj..Chicken soup..NOTHING HELPS.It just makes me piss a whole bunch of times.

I dunno if its a cold or a flu.but this shit is killin pray for me yal..cuz this shit aint no joke.

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