Thursday, June 25, 2009

The EVENTS OF YESTERDAY 6-24-09...THE Fox pt 2.

Wednesday. Friends come outside of my crib...we chill smoke bout random stuff. I tell them that my uncle found out where the fox lived...and theres a fox hold under my steps. Nobody believes me ..and then guess who comes decides to walk by us...Photobucket

Im like awwwwwwwww shittt it just looks at us and walks into my yard..we jump in the car and just look at it..then a friend decides to seach up fox bites on youtube..and shows me how a rapid fox will just jump on u and bite you and give you rabies...and if you get rabies and dont get the shots needed it can be fatal.Then everyone has the windows up except for one nigga...and then of course somebody is like "What if it jumped thru the window"..(weed=paranoia) so we roll up the windows about it some more and then I get out the car to walk to the front of my the dark...with the fox living under my doorstep.


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